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The fake arguments of the Armenian historians that the Armenians are natives of Nagorno-Karabakh have always resented serious historians.


There are numerous facts from Russian sources that Armenians were brought in the west Azerbaijani lands only in the 19th century.

Back in Soviet times, the Armenian historians invented fake research works about the history of Caucasus. Meanwhile, this area of history somehow remained out of sight of Azerbaijani historians. Taking advantage of this, the Armenians tried to present these territories as Armenian through falsifying the historical realities of individual regions of Azerbaijan.

Armenian historians showed excessive zeal in these attempts. They went so far that shamelessly distorted the political map of the Caucasus region, created stories that do not correspond to historical reality, made up fictional maps and spread them around the world. And now Armenians continue insisting on their unfounded claims. In this context, the study of the historical geography of Azerbaijan as a whole and of its individual regions is very important.

If to carefully consider the facts given in the works of Russian military historians, it becomes clear that the Armenians do not know their history or they are just unable to digest the facts that are contrary to the nationalist picture of Armenian historians.


Some Armenian historians without any evidence say about the alleged residence of Armenians in the Azerbaijani lands for centuries.


They in particular mention historical Azerbaijani lands of Nakhchivan, Irevan and Karabakh.

However, Azerbaijani, as well as Russian historians, exposed this unscientific reasoning through referring to existing historical documents. They clearly show that the settlement of Armenians in the regions of Nakhchivan, Irevan and Karabakh was related to the Turkmenchay Treaty signed in 1828 between Russia and Iran.

As the Russian historian of that time Sergey Glinka noted, it hadn’t even been three months from the date of signing of the treaty, when the Russian Empire resettled 40,000 Armenians in the newly conquered Nakhchivan, Irevan and Karabakh khanates.  Read More