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Armenia’s adulated terrorist: Varoujan Garabedian



Varoujan Garabedian is a terrorist with infamous ill repute, whom Armenia adopted close to its national heart. So close that he became a national hero.
Armenia’s adulated terrorist: Varoujan Garabedian

Armenia’s adulated terrorist: Varoujan Garabedian

Garabedian’s Terror Career

Garabedian, a Syrian national of Armenian extraction, was a member of the Armenian militant organization ASALA (Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia). On July 15, 1983, at that time 20 years old, and the head of ASALA French branch, Garabedian planted a bomb, hidden inside a suitcase, at the Turkish Airlines check-in desk, at Orly Airport, in Paris, France, south terminal. This was part of ASALA’s global terrorism campaign against Turkey for the recognition of and reparations for the Armenia Genocide by the Turks.

The bomb was made of half a kilo of Semtex explosive, connected to three portable gas bottles. This setup explained the extensive burns on the victims.

The explosion killed eight people and injured 55; three people were killed immediately in the blast and another five died in hospital. Four of the victims were French, two Turkish, one American, and one was Swedish.   Read more