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Catalonia independence referendum: All you need to know


Referendum on independence for Catalonia set to go ahead on October 1 despite government crackdown in the region. The Spanish region of Catalonia is set to hold a referendum on independence on October 1.

Catalonia independence referendum

Catalonia independence referendum

The single question facing voters, “Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?”, has generated many more.

Why does the referendum matter? Catalonia, an area in northeastern Spain of 7.5 million people, accounts for 15 percent of Spain’s population and 20 percent of its economic output.

About 1.6 million people live in Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital, which is a major tourist destination. Sunday’s vote will be the region’s second referendum on independence in three years.

The previous ballot, a non-binding vote in November 2014, returned an 80 percent result in favour of an independent Catalan state. However, less than half of the 5.4 million eligible voters participated.  Read More


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