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CEC: Azerbaijan’s presidential election can be observed anywhere in world through web cameras

The agitation campaign of presidential candidates kicked off in Azerbaijan on March 19 and from now on they will appear on air of the Public Television and Radio, Chairman of the country’s Central Election Commission (CEC) Mazahir Panahov said at a seminar-conference on the role and functions of the media in presidential elections.

Panahov said that the candidates will be on air of the radio at about 19:00 (local time) and on television – around 22:00, but the exact time will be specified.

He further said that the voting will take place at almost 5,600 polling stations, while the total number of voters is more than 5.3 million people.

“To ensure the transparency of the election, web cameras have been installed at 1,000 polling stations, which are chosen so that they cover all regions of Azerbaijan,” Panahov said.

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He said that it will be possible to observe the voting process at these polling stations in any part of the world through web cameras.

Panahov also added that a sufficient number of international and local observers have been registered to monitor the election. He noted that the OSCE / ODIHR mission will also observe the elections.

“The long-term mission of the ODIHR has already began activity, while a short-term observation mission of 280 people will arrive,” the CEC chairman said.     Continue Reading