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iPhones, watches, iPad? What to watch for at Apple’s big event

Apple, which under co-founder Steve Jobs helped turn product launches into the tech industry equivalent of rock concerts, is riding high. The company recently became the first public U.S. company to hit a market value of $1 trillion and remains atop the Forbes list of most valuable brands.

Apple still faces some questions: How can it continue to make a profit despite a global slowdown in smartphones sales? How can it maneuver the Trump administration’s economic policies? And how will it deal with growing skepticism about the role of tech in people’s daily lives?

Apple will livestream the event on its website, which can be accessed in most web browsers, as well as on Twitter.

Apple’s juice

Plenty of companies would like to have Apple’s problem — it has been so successful that it’s difficult for the company to grow. Apple has been routinely posting record quarters, including $53.3 billion in revenuein the most recent quarter.

But companies are expected to grow. Gene Munster, a veteran Apple analyst at venture capital firm Loup Ventures, said he expects Apple to launch smartphones with bigger screens in order to boost demand.

Those smartphones, he said, would also be pricier, helping Apple make more money.

“They’re adding more stuff toward the higher end of the product line, so what they’re trying to do is pull up the average selling price,” Munster said. “And I think they’ll accomplish that with this lineup.”

Munster also pointed to wearables as an area where Apple could expand, in particular with the Apple Watch and AirPods.        Continue Reading