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Iran on the way to a crisis – the government may be sent to resignation – COMMENT

Participation in conflicts in Syria and Iraq, including regional conflicts, has worsened the situation in Iran.

This activity, in particular, has deteriorated the economic situation in the country. Domestic forces are looking for guilty in the situation. Mohammad Reza Aref, chairman of the pro-reform Hope faction in the parliament, on Monday apologized to the nation for the Rouhani administration’s failure to handle the economy as well as implement reforms: “We apologize to the people for the problems because we brought to power an administration which doesn’t want or cannot implement the reformists’ intentions.”

Aref was the First Vice President from 2001 to 2005 under president Mohammad Khatami who was considered a reformist. He supported Hassan Rouhani’s candidacy in 2013 and 2017.

As is known, the Iranian economy has recently faced serious financial problems. The country’s national currency rial dropped 300 percent in four months. This has caused a serious protest among the population. The conservative line within the government criticizes Rouhani and his government for the problems. Experts believe that the criticism of President Aref, who is also a representative of reformers, is an indication of the contradictions within the government.       Continue Reading