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Jerusalem Post: Israel should continue to develop a partnership with Azerbaijan

Israel should appreciate and continue to develop friendly and strategic relations with Azerbaijan and not allow any forces to harm these relations, reads the article of the veteran American-Israeli journalist and vice president of marketing and brand strategy for Israel365, a social impact business Maayan Hoffman, published in the Jerusalem Post.

The author notes that there has been a strident increase in efforts, recently, by Armenian leaders, at home and abroad, to drive a wedge between Israel and Azerbaijan.

Former vice minister of foreign affairs of Armenia, Arman Navasardyan, called on his government to use “all pan-Armenian state and non-state means to drive a wedge in Azerbaijani-Israeli relations,” in an op-ed published in January by Modern Diplomacy, Hoffman wrote.

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“Notably, within the last year, there were multiple reports of rabid anti-Israel hysteria emanating from Armenia. And in Israel, hundreds of the 5,600 Armenians who live in Jerusalem staged provocative, even inflammatory rallies against the Azerbaijani-Israeli relationship,” the article says.

The author notes that Israel and Azerbaijan have had deep bilateral relations for more than 25 years.

“Since 1992, the countries have collaborated in the diplomatic, economic, cultural and security realms. Azerbaijan remains one of the few Muslim-majority countries to fully recognize Israel and to normalize diplomatic relations with the Jewish state. It has even been stated that the there is no country in Eurasia with closer or warmer ties to Israel than Azerbaijan. Numerous foreign policy experts have gone further to encompass the globe when describing Azerbaijan as Israel’s closest Muslim partner,” the article reads.      Continue Reading