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Robot Slopes: Bots try their own ‘Winter Olympics’ ski challenge

Roughly an hour outside of Pyeongchang, the epicenter of the ongoing 2018 Winter Olympic Games, a gaggle of researchers and robots showed up in full force Monday to compete in their own tournament.

Robot Slopes: Bots try their own 'Winter Olympics' ski challenge

Robot Slopes: Bots try their own ‘Winter Olympics’ ski challenge

Dubbed the “Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge,” eight robotics teams gathered at South Korea’s Welli Hilli ski resort to compete for a prize of $10,000, Reuters reported. The ski games are ultimately aimed at promoting the country’s robotic technology to a world audience.

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In order to be able to participate in the games, the teams had to make sure their robots were taller than 50 centimeters, could stand on two legs with joints resembling knees and elbows, have an independent power system and, of course, be able to maneuver skies and poles. Participating bots were also equipped with camera sensors to detect the blue and red flag poles that marked out the path.    Read more