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“Studies prove that before 1918, there was no Armenian state in S.Caucasus”

Studies conducted by the Institute of History of Azerbaijan’s National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) proved that until 1918 there never was an Armenian state in the South Caucasus, the institute’s director Yagub Mahmudov told Trend.

Mahmudov said that the fundamental research -“The Iravan Khanate: the Russian occupation and the relocation of Armenians to the lands of North Azerbaijan”, which is a collaborative work of historians, has been translated into Russian, English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish and Arabic languages. Also, soon the “Iravan Khanate” book will be published in Turkish and German languages.

Mahmudov stressed that the speech by President Ilham Aliyev at the 6th Congress of the New Azerbaijan Party (NAP) relied on historical facts, historical reality.

“Irevan is our historical land, and we, Azerbaijanis must return to these historic lands,” President Ilham Aliyev said in his speech.

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Menawhile, Yagub Mahmudov said that Armenians around the world conduct propaganda, claiming that they are the most ancient people of this region, while the Azerbaijanis were resettled here.

“I state once again – Armenians were resettled, as say the sources and the “father of history”, Herodotus. He says the Armenians are descendants of the Phrygians, who migrated to the Van lake from the Balkan Peninsula,” said Mahmudov.

He went on to add that Armenians are not aborigines of the South Caucasus, they were moved to these lands by tsarist Russia from the Ottoman Empire and Iran.    Read more