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Why Trump must engage Azerbaijan – Washington Times


As President Trump and his foreign policy team focus on the challenges posed by North Korea’s reckless nuclear ambition, Russia’s increasing belligerent stance, China’s patient but determined quest for hegemony in Asia, and a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, we should not ignore one of America’s most steadfast and reliable allies: Azerbaijan, wrote Rob Sobhani, director general of the Caspian Group Holdings, in his article published by the Washington Times.

Why Trump must engage Azerbaijan - Washington Times

Why Trump must engage Azerbaijan – Washington Times

He says that in fact, there are several critical reasons why the Trump administration should immediately engage with this Muslim country of 9 million sandwiched between Iran and Russia.

First, the role of Azerbaijan in Mr. Trump’s recent decision to increase American military engagement in Afghanistan will be critical.

Not only does Azerbaijan have troops in Afghanistan fighting alongside American servicemen, but the fact that Azerbaijan allows its airspace to be used by the Pentagon’s Transportation Command is vital to the success of the president’s mission in Afghanistan.

“On his last visit to Azerbaijan, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates remarked: “Clearly, the ability to overfly Azerbaijan and the ability to use ground transportation through Azerbaijan is obviously important.

These are the most effective, most cost-efficient ways to get supplies to the international coalition in Afghanistan,” the article reads.  Read More


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